Image processing has changed a lot.

Today, many websites and brands sell based on their product images. Several businesses invest heavily on getting the right image to showcase their products, and they need to show those images to their customers.

That’s why we have focused on building a platform that allows website owners to handle the last part of their image operations, namely format conversion and optimization, while preserving image quality.

We also understand that businesses sometimes need help navigating the complexities of image quality and optimization for the web, and we provide them means and consulting to get the best exposition of their images. Asynchronous optimization with service deadline Image operators like super-resolution or quality parameter scans are very resource-intensive and often need special processing resources (e.g. GPU computing).

Therefore, our API is asynchronous, with an auto-scaler that ensures optimization requests are served in less than half-an-hour. Furthermore, we support long bash jobs, where it’s possible to submit a bulk of images to be processed and then query and download the results progressively.

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