Quick-Start Guide

To start using Pixellena Image API, just follow the two steps below:

1. Create an API token

Use the curl command below to create a user with the email provided in the request data field <your_email>. The token enables you to use ShimmerCat’s cloud service for automatic website optimizations, and also for images optimization.

curl -X POST https://accelerator.shimmercat.com/presentation-api/v1/trial/ -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '{"email": "<your_email>", "username": "<your_optional_username>"}'

The command creates an authentication token linked to your email, a domain for testing, and gives you $20.00 on credits to optimize images. Write down your authentication token as you will use it later. We will send the token via email as well.

The video tutorial below takes you through the quick process of creating an API token:

2. Take it for a spin

Now you are ready to take the image API out for a spin! You can for example check out the two API levels Light and Lux or try the python SDK.