Quick-Start Guide

To start using Pixellena Image API, just follow the two steps below:

1. Create an authentication token

Use the curl command below to create a user with the email provided in the request data field <your_email>. The token enables you to use ShimmerCat’s cloud service for automatic website optimizations, and also for images optimization.

curl -X POST https://accelerator.shimmercat.com/presentation-api/v1/trial/ -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '{"email": "<your_email>", "username": "<your_optional_username>"}'

The command creates an authentication token linked to your email, a domain for testing, and gives you $20.00 on credits to optimize images. Write down your authentication token as you will use it later. We will send the token via email as well.

2. Take it for a spin

Now you are ready to take the image API out for a spin! You can for example check out the two API levels Light and Lux or try the SDK.