Tilemore is the task engine used to process images in the cloud at scale. Tilemore is used as the image pipeline Pixellena to process all the images of our customers.

Tilemore Whitepapers

For more information about Tilemore, see the whitepapers linked below. The left one explains about the task engine to process images in the cloud at scale, and the right one explains more about how you use the computer vision pipeline in production.

Whitepaper Harness Whitepaper Service Guide
Whitepapers for Tilemore.

Example Applications

In the below whitepaper Tilemore is used for an example application: re-light sky in real-estate sales listings

Whitepaper Harness
Whitepapers for Tilemore.

Supported Machine and Deep Learning Frameworks

Tilemore is specially made for image processing workflows

OpenCV support Sci-kit image support Pytorch support
Support for the most popular image-processing and computer vision frameworks including OpenCV, sci-kit image and pytorch.

Want to try Tilemore?

We use Tilemore to peform millions of image operations per day, and now you can too.

Do you have a novel, interesting application of computer vision and/or image processing algorithms that you know others can benefit from? Are you wondering how you can commercialize it, but you know that going from prototype to billable product requires handling, paying for and monitoring uncertain amounts of infrastructure? Let us help you!

If you are looking for a quick-to-market solution that allows you to:

  • deploy an image/video-processing pipeline to cloud infrastructure
  • with help from a dedicated devops team to get your MVP up and running
  • and get access to an API for it in a matter of weeks or days and
  • start billing your customers for use,

then please let us contact you by filling the form below - we will personally reach out to you with more information!